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See you soon?!

Ageless Recorded LIVE!

Ageless group members in the below videos are, from left to right, Vince Las Casas, Tom Cannella, Alex Las Casas, and Reyle Cardino.

Vince is the left handed guitar player who plays the guitar strung for a right hander. He is the group’s director, vocalist, and writes the bulk of our original songs with contributions from the others.

Tom Cannella rocks the drums playing each drum, cymbal, and the other percussion instruments as a tuned instrument. Playing the high notes and the low notes making the rhythmic back bone of the music in harmony with the excellent bass players we’ve been blessed with. Tom’s wife Sara is our new bass player.

Alex plays the harp following the lead provided by the rhythm section and the melody frequently defined by Vince’s vocals and guitar.

Reyle Cardino is the master bass player in these videos. He has collaborated closely with Vince and Tom to create much of the group’s original music. Reyle’s daughter did some drawings as a child which we used for our old website.

Currently, Sara Cannella is our bass player. Check back soon for new tunes featuring Vince, Tom, & Sara!

Enjoy the videos and thanks for ‘Rockin’ with Ageless!’